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If you’ve never been through the bail bond process, you probably have a lot of questions.
Below, you’ll find some commonly asked questions and the answers to them.

In Kansas, a bail bond is actually referred to as a “surety bond.” The surety bond is a guaranteed and underwritten by a licensed Kansas bail bondsman who is backed by an insurance company. A Kansas bail agent makes guarantees to the court a payment of the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear for their scheduled court appearances. It is imperative that you always have a bail bond set up through a licensed bail bond company in Wichita.

In most states, including Kansas, the cost of a bail bond is set at 10% of the court-set bail amount. In Kansas, the state of Kansas sets the bail bond rates and the rates are non-negotiable. Also, there are not any hidden fees or taxes when you use a bail bond service. For example, if the court sets a defendant’s bail at $20,000, then the bail bondsman fee will be 10% or $2,000 by law.

Uncle Bill’s Bail Bonds completely understands that you want to pay the least amount of money for a bail bond. A lot of people search online trying to find the “Cheapest Bail Bond Company in Wichita” or the “Cheapest Bail Bond Company in Kansas.” The bail bond fee or cost of a bail bond in Kansas is set by the state at 10% of the full bail amount set by the courts. We will help you find the best situation to obtain bail in a legal manner.

Uncle Bill’s Bail Bonds will be asked, “Can you do it for less?” or “Would you take 5% or less than 10% if I pay the bond in cash?” Any agent offering bail at 5% in the State of Kansas is simply acting illegally or deceptively.

We are not permitted by law to negotiate bail premiums with potential clients. Any Kansas bail agent that is willing to break the law by reducing or negotiating their fee may be more likely to keep your collateral. Will the bail bondsman work with the defendant to return the defendant back to the court without cause? A savings of 5% may appear to be a really good deal for you, but what could you be risking in return? Be cautious and weigh your options before accepting an illegal, cheap bail bond offer in Kansas.

When arranging bail, legitimate bail bonding companies in Wichita or Kansas will need a payment prior to “posting” the bail bond which will release the detainee. Uncle Bill’s Bail Bonds accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. In most cases, our clients pay the bail bond premium using a credit card. To better serve our customers, we offer various payment options, flexible financing, and payment plans when acquiring a bail bond in Wichita or throughout the state of Kansas. In many cases, our bail bonding service will be able to offer a bail bond plan where no collateral is required.

Yes, you absolutely may pay the full amount of the bail set by the court to release a detainee. This bail bond option is commonly referred to as a cash bail. A cash bail is when an individual posts the full amount of the bail with the court. These are usually paid in full in the form of cash, money order, bank check, or cashier’s check.

Should you decide to pay the court in full for the bail bond in Wichita or at a court in any Kansas county, be sure to contact the county court bail clerk in order to verify the forms of payment accepted. Many Kansas courts, individual jurisdictions or different courts will have different payment options and bail payment restrictions. You will be required to verify the funds are from legal sources.

Most of the time, a local Kansas bail bond company will be contacted by telephone to initiate the bail bonding procedure. Our Kansas bail bonding company will ask for information in order to determine the level of risk involved in offering a bail bond and will begin the bail bond approval process. At the time the bail bond has been approved, our new customer will need to sign some bail bond documents such as a bail bonding application, an Indemnity Agreement, and will receive a receipt. Once the bail bonding paperwork has been finalized and the bail premium payment has been provided to our Kansas bail bond company, our licensed Kansas bondsman will “post” bail at the jail.

Uncle Bill’s Bail Bonds will handle your bail bond fast. A typical bail bond is completed within 1-2 hours. We can also handle all of the bail bond documentation by e-mail and fax to expedite the process even further. At Uncle Bill’s Bail Bonds, we have a network of licensed bail bond agents throughout Kansas who can “post” bail bonds at the appropriate jail.

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